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It was now time to tackle the atara/ neckband for Isabel's tallit.


I went back to look at my sketch.

Isabel 001 (2)

I had forgotten that I had planned to make an atara with the priestly breastplate in the center.

Isabel 001 (2)


So I had to get to work creating it.


Last week one of the local thrift stores was selling a roll of Joe Fresh gold knit fabric. It was a really really shiny bathing suit knit. If I wanted to star in a 1980’s aerobics video I would make myself work out clothing out of this knit. It was a silly amount of fabric for a silly price.  I had made myself a slip out of some of it.


I realized that it would be perfect for the breastplate for Isabel, the girl who loves bling.


I cut a rectangle of fusible fleece, and drew the stitching lines on the fleece with a marker. I backed the fleece with the shiny fabric and stitched.


I then added twelve different shiny bits as the jewels.


I then tidied up the little breastplate.


I painted the text on either side of the center and decided to paint a frame for the breastplate onto the silk. I used painter's tape to mark the area to be painted.



I think this will look great when it is all put together.


My friend's daughter is expecting a baby. This is a huge, huge deal.


I decided to knit a blanket for the baby. I have fallen in love with knitting on giant needles.   It’s the way that those of us with short knitting  attention spans can knit things like garments or baby blankets.


I used four fat yarns at a time and switched out colors whenever I felt like it. the yarns are all acrylic so the blanket can be washed whenever it gets dirty. Given that the blanket is going to a baby, that means that this blanket will get dirty often.


I love the colors. hope the baby does too.


  1. The breastplate is very good. A way to say 'breastplate' without it over whelming the whole of the piece.

    I think If I could learn to knit on big needles, I would actually learn to knit. Instead I crochet (when I still want to make something, but haven't much brain.) I don't follow patterns...not good at all the sc, tc, * and all that stuff! LOL

    But for the most part, the choice of sticking with crochet and not knitting is that crochet makes up visibly faster. ;-) I have bought a big crochet hook with the idea to have fabric strips and crochet them. But I haven't been able to bring myself to actually tear up fabric!

  2. I can't follow a knit or crochet pattern to save my life. i look at patterns and go immediately cross-eyed. I can knit something into a shape. I can then turn that shape into a garment. Knitting o the giant needles is a blast.

    I am incredibly pleased with the little breastplate. It hold up both from a distance and from close up.

    I taught my DD how to knit on the giant needles...and she is a lefty.


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