Food Friday–Scented with love edition

Our dear friends Alfie and Judy live in the mid-west but have often been guests at our house, and at our table.


They stopped in new york earlier this winter while on their way to France. When I got my mail yesterday, there was a small package from Judy. It was this package of couscous spice purchased at a Paris market.


I made not couscous, but a quinoa and rice pilaf and added the fragrant spice mix to the to the pot of grains.


This is a week when I wish I had the ability to digitize smell and attach it to the blog post.


Our meat too, is enhanced by Alfie and Judy’s love.


The coffee used in the spice rub was a gift from Alfie from his time in Costa Rica. it’s de-caf coffee, so unfit to drink ( in my opinion) but perfect in a meat rub.


Smelling all of those good loving smells is pretty wonderful. I am feeling very much in need of that love right now.  My mother is now, as my dear friend Linda and I have often quipped, on that great exit ramp from the land of the living.  It may be one of those long meandering exit ramps, but she is now traveling that road.


Several years ago my mother once said to me “ You know how I am going to die? I am either going to have a heart attack or a stroke. If I’m lucky it will be a big one and will kill me all at once. If I’m not so lucky  I will have a whole bunch of little ones and die slowly.”

My mother has had a couple of  heart attacks and a couple of medium sized strokes and a bunch of small strokes. She is going through the dwindling that she had hoped not to go through.

My mother has begun that merge onto that great exit ramp. The love contained in a spice packet from Paris gives me great comfort.


  1. So sorry about your mum. Fast or slow, it is always a wrench of the emotions.
    This week I learned a close sewing friend had died last week. Very sudden brain haemorrhage. A very lovely lady and so unexpected.
    Our sewing group will still meet next Saturday. I think we need to be together after the shock.

  2. Sarah, My prayers are with you as you go thru this hard and difficult time of waiting. Have been there and just hope your Mom is kept comfortable as she moves onto "the great exit ramp".


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