Festival of randomness

Like many bloggers I allow readers to comment on my posts.  I chose to moderate comments because  I was a little worried about possibly being flamed.

I really love getting comments from actual readers.  I do tend to get a fair number of comments  from businesses posting comments in the hopes that people click on the embedded links and drive traffic to their sites. I never post those comments, ever.

Sometimes those comments are blatant and say things like “ I love your tallit. Buy a tallit from me on my site.”  Sometimes I get comments like the one that arrived in my email box this morning.
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It’s kind of stunning as a piece of writing. it was followed by a link which I have not included.

Here is another
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If you are a bot, I will never publish your comment. If you are a real human being I really would love to hear from you. A few people have mentioned that they are not exactly sure how to comment.  Right after each post  you will see a couple of lines that look like this
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if you want to post a comment, click on the words”No comments”. If someone has already commented it will say how many have commented. Once you click on the words a text box will open up and you can comment to your heart’s delight. There will e an additional bit of dialog to be sure that you are an actual human. Clearly, it isn’t completely fool proof and some weird stuff does get through. I read all the comments  before posting so if you would prefer that I don’t publish your comment just let me know.
Now I’m changing topics. Last week Fabric Mart was having a giant sale.  They marked they mystery bundles to half price. I could not resist.  I bought two bundles. Their fabric bundles contain ten yards of fabric cuts from 1/2 a yard to just over two yards

I love a surprise. These bundles always manage to do that. So far I have made two dresses. This is the first.
It’s a mystery blend sweater knit. I bound the neckline and so far have just serged the sleeve hems. They may get a nice finish at some point.

I haven’t gotten the color of the lighter bits of the dress to photograph quite right. It’s the color of coffee with lots of milk in it.  It’s an easy to wear winter dress. The most interesting thing about it ( aside from the bold print) is the not very interesting bound neckline.

This is the second dress I made. While I might have chosen the hound's-tooth knit on my own, I would never have selected the fabric for the next dress on my own  ( well that’s the joy of a mystery bundle).

I realized two things while I took the photo. The first is that the dress needs a pressing
The other thing I realized is that the librarian in my high school, Mrs. Quint, had a nearly identical dress, or perhaps several of them.
I may be forced to wear my hair in a light brown bouffant helmet and wear a pearl circle pin when I put this dress on.
Mrs. Quint was a very kind woman and was fairly timid. I will wear the dress and think of her. I will probably speak very softly and with a very heavy Boston accent when I wear the dress.

If you need help figuring out how to draft either the Mrs. Quint dress or the hound’s- tooth dress just let me know. ( Actually they are awfully similar)


  1. Sarah, I'd love to see how you drafted the collar on Mrs Quint


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