Sweater tutorial

Last winter I had purchased both the plain and embroidered versions of this soft semi sheer sweater knit from Fabric Mart. The plain version of this fabric is a dress.


I decided to make a cardigan out of the embroidered yardage.

You start out by folding the fabric into 1/4’s. The stretch goes east west. Because I’m a little lazy, I cut the sleeves with the body of the sweater. If I were even more lazy I would have not angled the sleeve as I do here, eliminating one additional seam.


Feel free to be lazy.

sweaterpart 2


I cut open the front of the cardigan


sweater part 4


Then I fixed my cutting error and added wearing ease via gussets inserted in each under arm.

sweater part 5

I then sewed up all of the seams.


Then I put on the sweater and wore it until bed-time.



I serged around most of the raw edges. I still have not edged the cuffs.



I may leave the edges fairly simple or at some other point add a fancier edge finish.


That’s it. A still rough edge but entirely comfortable sweater made in less time than it took to write up this tutorial. I think this fabric cost less than a ride on the subway. It’s warm and soft and fuzzy.


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