Food Friday Autumn food edition

It has been cold nasty and raw for the past couple of days.  This to me feels like typical autumn in New England weather. It’s the weather that makes you feel old and cranky , even if you are not old at all.


This sort of weather makes me want to make food that reminds me of New England.


So, we are eating cranberry chocolate pie for dessert.


My sister asked me for a recipe for this pie.

I made a crust. the crust was crunchy stuff, ion this cvase almonds, grainy stuff, this time whole oats, a bit of sugar, a speck of salt, a dollop of oil and a bit of water all mized in the food processor.


I then smooshed it into a pie tin and baked  while I got things together for the filling.

The filling is made out of cranberries, chopped baking chocolate ( if I had bittersweet, I would have used that, but I don’t), sugar- I used extra because of the bitterness of the chocolate and a tablespoon of corn starch.


I pulled the partially baked pie crust out of the oven and put the pie filling in the pie and mixed and baked. Easy as pie. A dessert that does not require you to be smart to make it well.

The meatballs and chicken wings were made this morning. I also made


baked sweet potatoes bought at the most irritating store in the world, Whole Foods. Yes, these are some pretentious variety of sweet potato. No, I don’t know the name and frankly I don’t care.


Shabbat starts so early this week it feels like it starts on Thursday.


Shabbat Shalom!


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