Decision Making

I had finished embroidering all of the letters on the challah cover.  I needed to figure out what to do for a border.


The bride loves golf and white. I thought that perhaps painting gild vines on white velvet would work.


It’s ok but is missing something.


I then thought that perhaps stitching with gold thread on the white velvet would do the trick.


First I tried with the bronze thread.


The quote The Roches  it was a big nothing.

So I tried with a bright gold thread.


That isn’t much better.


My son suggest that I keep going with the gold painted scrollwork. It’s nice living with someone with a good eye and good taste. My son was right. I kept filling in the velvet with more scrolls and vines.


I’m pretty pleased with the result. My husband keeps suggesting that a touch of a dark color would be really nice.


If I were making this challah cover for my husband I would. Some dark brown might be lovely here.

But this is not a gift for my husband. This challah cover is going to a bride who loves gold and white with ivory. I have taupe silk shantung that will serve as the backing.


I will bring this to the family  pre-wedding dinner on Friday.


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