A Birthday Gift and Assorted Garbage From My Head

My birthday often falls on Mothers’ Day so is often ignored.  My older sister has a birthday in late September so it often gets swallowed up into the High Holiday season.

My sister is currently going through a Missoni phase. She has purchased several Missoni scarves for herself.

When she saw the dress I had made out of Missoni fabric from Fabric Mart missoni knit dress (2)
she was blown away by it. I saw the Missoni lust in her eye.

So the next time a batch of Missoni fabric was available I bought some. I made my sister this drape front cardigan
The shape is fairly simple. I used an exiting sweater as my pattern but  extended the fronts to create a draped front. I also cut one of the fronts with the stripes going North-South rather than East- West

My serger HATED the fabric and spent lots of time chewing it up.  Since I’m talking about what went wrong, I also sewed one sleeve in upside down once.SAM_3047

Just in case you are wondering. Unpicking stitching from this knit is a yukky job.  I tried not to curse the entire time. SAM_3048
Today I posed the sweater for the blog and used the opportunity to snip loose threads. I packed up the sweater and walked it over the the Post Office.

On my way I saw something that is both charming and annoying.

Often when I take the bus to Boston the bus, like this one passes my block on its way out of the city.  It’s nice to get a last glimpse of the neighborhood and to mentally shout goodbye to my family as I pass by. but on the other hand, the bus usually passes my house about an hour after I have left home. as my mother says “I coulda stood in bed!”
I also passed a new and annoying art installation.
This is how 95% of the people experience the installation.SAM_3050
A bunch of metal sticks in the sidewalk.
The people coming out of PS 163 and the for the 5 seconds you pass the piece you see this.
It’s just not enough of a payoff  for the forest of metal sticks that most people on the block have to experience. Have some bleak public art kids.SAM_3052


  1. Wow, that's NASTY! How do the fake dandelions appear and disappear daily? Is there a public art installation flunky who shows up and makes them happen and unhappen? I was in Miami when Christo mounted his Surrounded Islands installation, and that was a lot more worthwhile than this mess.

  2. Sorry, I must not have made myself clear.The fake dandilions appear stick-like from the east and from the west. The image is visible only on the north side...which means for 3/4 of the viewers all they see is metal poles..except fr the few moments when the pedestrian is directly in front of the installation. There is nothing mechanical going here...( although that might be a more interesting sculpture if there were some physical movement incorporated into it)


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