Nearly there….

Yesterday was baking day. I made this apple pie with a pecan crust.


My kids love pumpkin pie and there is enough of a nip in the air to justify it being on the table.


I also made a plum and apple crisp.


Those desserts along with the honey cake should have us covered  for dessert for the next few days.


I baked ten challot.



There is a video  making the rounds on Facebook with an Israeli woman  making tons of cool variations on braiding. I think that the dough she used had a very low gluten content. When I roll out strands of dough mine spring back and become short. I played a little bit with shapes and then went back to old standard shapes.

Food-wise, I think I’m ready.


I have been practicing my shofar blowing so I ought not to make my family ashamed to be related to me.


I am so looking forward to my two out-of–the-house kids coming home.


The really hard part of the season is the  heshbon nefesh, soul math/ self evaluation part of the season.

I leave you with an alternative shot of my apple, honey and shofarot bowl.


Shanah Tovah to all of you!


  1. Shanah tovah. Your blog is an inspiration.


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