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When I last talked about Mike’s tallit I had just painted the letters.  Wool, unlike sort of swallows up dye. As a couple of days passed, the lettering  instead of looking shimmery and glowing looked a little sad.


If Mike were not such a good friend I might have just etts be or I might have thought of a simple solution.  But Mike is in that category of dear male friends that I think of as being my brothers-in-law.  They are a bit close than just being friends and get included in all family events. So I needed a better solution.

I decided to chain stitch all of the letters.


Yes, it’s time consuming.


Embroidering half a verse’s worth of lettering is boring. I decided to deal with that boredom by doing only parts of letters at a time. Chain stitch is fairly forgiving if you work it that way.


One of my older sisters used to do lots of embroidery . She is an extremely methodical person. I think if she had seen how I approached this piece of work she would have had a cow. But the important thing here is getting the work done. And eventually I got all of those letters embroidered.



I know that the atara looks really lumpy at the moment. But this is why steam irons were invented. Wool is a fiber that can really be shaped with steam and pressure. So despite the fact that the atara looks like it survived being slept on by a large child it will look lovely once I am done with it.


I also went over some of the water eddies with more hand embroidery.



I also finished the pinot. SAM_2885I just have to finish the edges of the atara and sew it onto the tallit before I invite mike over to tie the tzitzit.


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