Images from Jury Duty

Given that I can’t legally talk about the case I’m sitting on and given that it is forbidden to take photos inside the court building, I am not about to break the law.


I can however show you pictures from the neighborhood. The courts themselves and the buildings in the area are full of notable details.

This is a bigger view of the Tweed court house.



This branch of Modell’s Sporting Goods is fronted by a wonderful , but dirty colonnade.



The bank a block further east has the best doors.


They didn’t stint with any of the details when they built this bank.

SAM_2742SAM_2741There is a pair of these spectacular light fixtures flanking the entryway.


This Art Deco light is in front of a Department of Health building.


Friday afternoon there was some sort of a Korean cultural festival taking place in the park. The traditionally dressed dancers were enjoying the hip hop performance.


I report back to the court tomorrow morning.


  1. Lovely photos. It's a fascinating neighborhood with a long history. Everyone wants to photograph the (admittedly photogenic) steps to 60 Centre, the "Temple of Justice" so often shown on L&O intros: you've found some of the other wonderful history of Downtown.

    Madam foreperson... I am so glad to have met 12 so interesting New Yorkers and to have discharged our duty so honorably. Every time I serve jury duty I am so impressed with my fellow jurors! But also glad that it was over quickly ;)

  2. It was an honor to serve with all of my fellow jurors. I am glad to have met my fellow peers..But it is nice to be home just poking around today.


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