Problem solving


Y’s grandmother was sent this blouse from her Romanian cousins when she was twelve.


Y’s grandmother died just a few months ago. we wanted to include the look of this fragile hand embroidered blouse on the pinot /corner pieces of the tallit.


I have been mulling over exactly how to do this for the past couple of months. reproducing the embroidery by hand wasn’t really an option. The stitching floats over too much space to be durable enough for pinot. I had thought that I would hand paint the design. I do however know my limitations. these sort of simple rigid geometric design is really hard for me to paint freehand.

I sometimes do what I think of as dumb sewing to get me working. while I was making myself a nightgown I decided to use one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I realized that it was awfully similar to the hand stitching on the Romanian blouse.


While it isn’t identical to the original, it looks similar enough to work. I may embroider the eyelets in the red yellow and blue used in the ovals on grandma’s blouse. The corners will be a visual reminder of the original blouse.


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