Working While on Planet Sick

Last week was not a good week. I was hit with some sort of an awful virus. Each afternoon I got so cold and feverish that I put on an old mink coat and huddled on the sofa in a stupor. I slept sitting up on the living room sofa under the same mink because I was afraid that if I lay down I would drown. The virus made my brain very very small. I couldn’t do any work that took too much figuring out.

Our phone and internet  were out all week as well.


My cousin married his partner in the fall at a wedding that is now my children’s gold standard for fun weddings. They had a woman in California make them vests to wear at the wedding. I was given the task to make a matza cover  for the newlyweds.  They met with me just before I got sick. They chose the paragraph you see below from the haggadah.

In each generation is person is obligated to see themselves as if they they personally left Egypt, as it is written “ You should tell the story to your children on that very day”

We decided to use the fabrics from the vests in the matza covers.


I wrote out the text before I was feeling awful. While my brain was small from the virus I embroidered around the letters and added the beads.


I also carefully outlined all of the letters. it was another good job to do while I was small of brain.



Tonight I finally had enough brain power to assemble the matza cover. SAM_2130SAM_2131SAM_2132

Three pockets for the three matzot. SAM_2133

Our internet and phone both got turned on yesterday. ( Yes, it is nice to be in touch with the world) I went to the doctor today and  with the help of meds am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see it on our seder table along with our new seder plate and matzah plate.


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