Passover-The last gasp

One of the great things about doing so much cooking for so many people over so many days is that the sheer force of meal production gets me to what I think of as cave-man think. You understand the sources of things we take for granted.


I needed to figure out dinner for tonight. The pickled salmon I had put up before the holiday was looking less than appealing. I decided to make a salmon filling to go into rolled  whiting.


I whipped up the salmon, some matza meal, celery eggs and spices in the food processor and  rolled up  the salmon mixture in the whiting.


It looks so cute.


I had left over salmon .So I added more matza meal and  realized that this was actually gefilte fish. I cooked them like matza balls ( drop balls into boiling flavored water and cover, cook covered for 30 minutes).

Thirty minutes later I had salmon gefilte fish. My mother ate them for lunch and was very happy.



I flavored the gefilte fish in a vaguely French way with tarragon and lemon.


I felt deeply connected with the first desperate cook who when faced with feeding a crowd mixed fish with crumbs and vegetables formed balls and boiled them. The gefilte fish is nearly gone, tonight’s rolled stuffed whiting with be served with a tomato soup made wonderful with left over wine from Seder , boiled potatoes ad a green salad We will eat meat balls for the last night of the Holiday. No, they are not yet made. I assume that I will have to make at least one more cake before Passover ends.

Did you ask me how many eggs I used this Passover? I believe that by Tuesday night we will hit 18 dozen. 


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