Food Friday


I’m back. We are eating at home this week.  The chicken is cooked  ( smoked paprika and other deeply flavored slices). I baked the challah yesterday. We are eating a salad with mixed greens and cooked marinated broccoli.SAM_2048

These potatoes have been cooked in chicken fat and chicken juice. I suppose that if I were my friend Alan who adores chicken fat I would have used a whole lot more chicken fat.  I tossed a tablespoon or two in the bottom of the pan, and let it melt in the oven while I washed and hacked the potatoes.  I cooked the potatoes about half way and then threw the chicken juice into the pan.  I added some cider vinegar to brighten the flavor.

You can see this as an indulgent dish because of the chicken fat and chicken juice. or you could see this as a thrifty dish because it uses goodies stores in the fridge that might have been tossed but instead make for a lushly flavored dish.


Shabbat Shalom!


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