Ella’s Tallit Complete ( almost)

With the exception of the eyelets, Ella’s tallit is complete.  It’s such a serene looking piece which is a bit ironic considering what a wild week this has been.

My nephew has been in the hospital up the street for most of the past week. His parents live in Boston so I have been doing my bit as  the nearest adult relative.  Most of the reasons for my nephew’s being in the hospital was over aggressive medicine and the horrible side effects from the aggressive medications.  My nephew is now back in his dorm room. He is completely fine.

The resulting drama has left me anxious and tired and prone to mistake making. Unfortunately, heavy white silk charmeuse does not have very much of a margin of error.  I’m being not quite accurate . There is zero margin for error with this delicious fabric.
But, the tallit is finally done. I haven’t done the eyelet’s yet because I’m too tired to do them without doing something stupid. I will do them in the morning.

The silk is pretty amazing stuff.

The text panels with strips of silk woven with silver metallic.
A silver metallic silk shantung borders the atara. SAM_2055SAM_2056

I had had a different vision for the corners but I just couldn’t make it work today.  Sometimes you just have to know when to go simple
Tomorrow afternoon Ella comes here with her mother and grandmother to tie the tzitzit.


  1. Wow! This is exquisite! Very nice work. This is my favorite among all the ones you've posted.

  2. Glad you like this one.I'm pretty fond of it myself! i will post later on today about tying the tzitzit.


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