Hurray for crowdsourcing! and beginning another tallit

Hurray for crowd sourcing! The votes generally came in in favor of the midnight blue.  Actually, what I had thought was midnight blue is actually black. Never the less, it was the right choice.


Usually, painting the letters is an easy and stress free part of the task of constructing a tallit. This time though there were several bad starts that all had to get tossed.

I also had to think about the pinot/corner pieces.  I ended up doing this.



The black silk chiffon is layered over the stitched sandwich of two layers of flannel, there just for invisible support, silver brocade and slate blue lace  left over from making this dress.

photo (8)


I then painted stars on the chiffon. I have been laying awake at night thinking about how to edge the pinot nicely. Ari had vetoed gold . I own LOTS of gold threads  and yarns in a variety of weights. I have silver, but less of it and in less variety.  I knew that I had a piece of a skein of silver Lurex  yarn. The question was, where was it. My other question was, had my daughter crocheted it up into a scarf ?

Much to my relief I found some of the yarn. Not enough to make a scarf, but enough for my current needs.


Often when I get a bit stuck on a project, it makes sense for me to clear my head by working on a different project. in this case, I got started on Ella’s tallit.


Ella chose heavy weight silk charmeuse for her tallit.  I had to cut the silk to size. I nipped with my scissors.


Pulled a thread at the edge of the nip and then followed the line left by the now missing thread of silk.



Sometimes this can be an activity that makes me feel like I’m going blind. But working with this luscious silk, it was easier than I anticipated.

I’m in the final stretch now of Ari’s tallit. I keep admiring the shimmer beneath the surface of the inky chiffon.


I will be adding additional elements of glimmer to the atara. Stay tuned.



  1. The pinot results are excellent! They work really well with the dyed silk.


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