A Failed Experiment

I had a cool idea for Ari’s atara/neckband.

I decided to layer a silver brocade, a slate blue lace and some flannel for support and then sew lots of random straight stitching.  I learned the method from an article by the brilliant Bird Ross.



The result looks cool, but unfortunately the color doesn’t quite work with the tallit. The blue/grey reads as greenish with the plum tallit.



The tallit though looks great. If I had more time I would have spent some time getting bummed out about the failed experiment. Instead I began adding beads and sequins to the tallit.


There is a small constellation of clear glass beads in the photo below. you may not see them in the photo, but when Ari wears the tallit in synagogue the tiny beads will catch the light.SAM_1920SAM_1921


The goal isn’t to create a Las Vegas showgirl tallit. But the subtle bits of light glimmering out from the tallit draw your eye to the tallit and ultimately to the wearer. It gives a sense of the night sky.SAM_1922


Some of the sequins that I’m using are older than I am and were clipped from dresses that belonged to my friend Vivian's grandmother and mother. SAM_1923

I am really happy with how the tallit looks. I will figure out a good solution for the atara and the pinot.



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