Progress on the Royal Feast

Last night when my husband came home from work  he found me on the kitchen floor stamping away on fabric. I had found a crown rubber stamp at a local craft store.


I cut the crown that appeared at the top of the crown and began stamping away with a blob of fabric paint on a plastic plate.


Doing that sort of repetitive work is deeply satisfying in a kindergarten sot of a way.  I did one strip on white silk, and another on black.



I admit it’s not beautiful in it’s entirety. I do think that a strip or two of the fabric will be wonderful. If it is less than wonderful I will add more stuff to the print to make it wonderful.


Anyway, here is the blue center with it’s two sets of borders.


I had wanted to pick up the orange border around the letters. Luckily I had kept a strip of pieced silk from a previous project. The colors were perfect. Sometimes when colors combine  just right they almost make my eyes water. I used to play with fabrics when I used to select fabrics for quilts until they created this reaction in my eyes. The black satin that I had printed with the crown in a gunmetal metallic grey bring the volume back down. To me it feels like the fabric compositional equivalent of an amusement park ride that is exciting in the middle but ends gently.


I have two other challah covers to border, and this one needs a good backing and edging.


I’m stopping in a few minutes because I’m making jerk Chicken for Shabbat and have to start the marinade today.


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