Festival of Randomness



1. My youngest wearing his straw-glasses. He was not yet born when we had two pairs in constant use. Clearly, this is our child.


2. Never say never. Yes, I did hand wash an embroidered linen table cloth. To be fair to myself it is not a full sized cloth. But it is made out of heavy European linen.So, file this act under “Things I have done for the love of schmattas”.


3. Something that might lower the blood pressure level of all New Yorkers.  You don’t have to play the express/local gamble each time you step on a train. knowing when the train is showing up is just so calming. I would suspect that commuters may actually be kinder to one another just because they know when their train is showing up. These count down signs just make life better.


4. Fresh bread, hot from the oven just makes life better.


5. Weird weather. This fog was from a few nights ago when the temperature jumped from below freezing to high above freezing.

We have a house guest from Minneapolis. Today, even she was cold.


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