Boston Street Beats

Every morning I am here in Brookline, I walk from my sister's apartment to my mother's. The architecture is so typically Boston.
 The façades undulate along the street. The living room typically has the bowed windows. Many of the apartments were built with a window seat that hugs that curve.
Buildings that were built decades apart all have the same rythm. As you walk along, the beat of the buildings pulls you along.

There is a nice variety of detail to keep your walk interesting.

Even buildings built in the 1930's keep to the same rythm.

Here is another graceful detail.

An apartment house from 1900 has a nice conversation with it's neighbor from the 1940's.

 Don't you just love that lettering?

A private home from the 1880's has the same visual rythm.

I feel that this awareness of how you cooperate with your neighbors is a very Boston trait. I love the mix of individuality and cooperation.


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