A Small Field Trip

to my husband’s office.
My husband’s office is in a wonderful old office building.
This is the view out the window.
Sometimes my husband can see workers at sewing machines across the way.SAM_1695
He didn’t choose the office for the view but rather  for some of the wonderful original details. SAM_1696
The staircase sold my husband on the building.SAM_1697SAM_1699SAM_1700
Every surface that could be made more beautiful was. SAM_1702SAM_1703SAM_1704SAM_1705SAM_1706SAM_1707SAM_1709SAM_1712SAM_1713
Looking up and feeling an Escher vibe.SAM_1716


  1. It's gorgeous! Is it cast iron on the outside?

  2. No, it's limestone clad. At one point it had been a hotel.


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