Giving up the ghost



My parents bought me this nifty silk sweater a long time ago. I believe I was married, but I think they bought me this sweater before I had kids. I have been married since 1986, and my oldest was born in ‘88. I think that even my husband would admit that this is an old garment.  Actually, maybe not, he still has a garment or two from High School, and he graduated during the early years of the first Nixon administration.

The sweater began life as  a boxy pullover. A couple of years ago I turned the sweater into a cardigan. I’m really fond of the sweater, but it really is getting ragged.

It was time to replace the well worn silk sweater. I had a nice nubbly sweater knit in my stash.


I lay the silk sweater on top of the nubbly knit folded in 1/4.


If I were less lazy I would have cut the sleeves separately.


Now you see the nubbly knit  cut into a sweater shape.  I cut open the front on the fold. Then I sewed up the seams from wrist to hem on the serger. I serged around the hems.


And now I have a comfy sweater.


I was so happy with the results that I made another  with a more stable slightly patterned rayon double knit.


Sharp-eyed Fabric Mart shoppers will recognize this knit from last week’s sale.

I also turned two pieces from the mystery bundle  into  coordinating pillowcases.


I can’t quite decide if these pillowcases are charming or ugly. I suspect that the others in my household will let me know.


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