Food Friday

This is tonight’s soup before. I bought three trays of chicken bones and squeezed all of them into the crock pot along with one giant parsnip, two gargantuan carrots a hand full of dried mushrooms and one medium onion.  I also added a teal ball filled with coriander, juniper berries and cloves and a glug of white vinegar. I keep adding water to the pot as the bones break down.SAM_1426


This is the soup today. The bones melt in your mouth.



I know it’s ugly. I had a bowl for lunch. It’s really good.


I made chicken. The chicken is sort of a Middle Eastern/ New England mash up with onion apples dates and pomegranate molasses. I will add some fresh pomegranate seeds to the chicken before I heat it up.


The jasmine rice is made with chestnuts.


I made ginger custard for dessert.


I think I need to buy fresh berries  to go with the custard.


I still have to make the vegetable, I think it will be a week for vaguely Asian Cole Slaw. I may also set up a mezze platter.

All of our guest tonight are people who have become more than friends and have slipped themselves into the family column.  A nice evening awaits all of us.

Shabbat Shalom.


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