Making a dress and pink bunny hat for my son

This year my kids decided to go as
bob's burger's
the three kids in the cartoon series “ Bob’s Burgers”. My youngest is going as Louise Belcher, the youngest child in the family. I was drafted into making the costume.bob's burger's
I made the bunny hat last night. I used the hood of my older son’s sweatshirt as more or less the pattern. The cotton lycra jersey was in my stash. I’m really proud of the bunny ears. I used cardboard from a granola bar carton to give the ears shape.

bob's burger's (1)
I didn’t own any chartreuse knit fabric so I paid a visit to Kabbala Man and bought the rayon jersey. I used an existing T- shirt of my son’s to draft the dress. He’s pleased with the result. I think my son may keep the beard although I will be drafted to put his hair in pigtails.

While I was in the garment district one of the stores on 8th Avenue was selling  big spools of gold metallic thread and other notions in industrial sized rolls.
They charged me $6 per cone ( and $5 for the opened blue cone). I have paid as much as $50- for full cones of metallic thread. the cording will make an appearance on one of my couches. I think I did well.


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