Post Rosh HaShanah

Well, the food I had cooked for Rosh ha Shanah got eaten. I wore my segula/amulet dress while I blew shofar.  There have been so many re-postings of The easiest dress in the world   that I expect to see versions of it where ever I travel. I was impressed to see it mentioned on a Danish sewing blog, it would be nice to know what they were saying about the dress.

The shofar blowing that took place while I was wearing that dress went really well.


Today it was time to go on a small adventure. So my husband, my youngest and I went cross-town to the Met. After countless visits we finally went up to the roof garden.


Often there are exhibits of sculptures, this summer there was an installation that referenced both Persian miniatures and the violence in the area.

visit to the met (17)visit to the met (13)

What was really spectacular though, was the view.

visit to the met (1)visit to the met (2)visit to the met (14)visit to the met (15)

I know, all of the photos look right out of travel post cards.

One of the walls of the roof area was mirrored.

visit to the met (6)

I loved seeing how the view got just slightly distorted by the mirrored surface.visit to the met (7)

Here we are, slightly distorted in the mirror with the big city behind us.

visit to the met (9)

We also had a nice view of Cleopatra’s Needle.visit to the met (12)

Another lovely surprise in the museum was seeing this portrait of my mother in law.

visit to the met (12)

Ok, not really but is is awfully close.  My late mother in law even used to hold her hand in the same way .

Joel's barmitzvah

I always love seeing this bit of staircase from the original Gothic revival museum building.

visit to the met (17)

We walked home through the park and across to Amsterdam Avenue. I wanted to share some of the details I saw along the street.

visit to the met (1)

visit to the met (3)

visit to the met (4)

visit to the met (5)

visit to the met (6)

visit to the met (8)

A nice adventure for the day before school for my youngest.visit to the met (11)


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