Knowing my audience

I finally finished the dress that I’m wearing at my niece's wedding.  I ripped out the previous neckline and tried again.


The fact of the matter is that my sister, the bride’s mother would look carefully at the imperfect stitching in the previous iteration and it would bother her—a lot.


So I ripped out the cute but imperfect scalloped edging and made a tidy seam edging out of blue tulle.


It’s a bit boring, but very clean and tidy, and that will make my sister happy. She is my audience for the dress. I will wear a collection of pearl necklaces and I’m done. Of course I’m planning to wear a black full slip under the dress.

Tonight I went to a shiva house. On my way home there were lots of ambulances and fire engines and police are in the middle of my intersection.  A taxi had hit a pedestrian. Two bad accidents in two days on the same block.  If I were the suspicious sort I would spit three times ( Poo! Poo! Poo! ) and say lo aleinu /not on us.



And, so all of this sad news doesn’t weigh too heavy on your heart, a bonus cartouche from my building for you to admire.



  1. The new neckline is lovely. I think the look with pearls will be spot on.

    Do you think there will be any new traffic measures at that intersection because of the number of accidents? That is the sort of thing here that would get residents 'on to the council' for changes.

  2. The latest accident didn't even make it onto the neighborhood news blogs. I guess because it wasn't fatal. You learn how to be a careful pedestrian if you plan to stay alive here.

    Thanks for the compliments on the dress.


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