Hug your children tight



Several posts ago, I wrote about  this restaurant and how I found the name amusing. I took the photo on my way to the supermarket diagonally across the street.


This morning this very spot was the site of a tragedy.  A teen in a not quite SUV was being chased by police and plowed his big black car into a grandmother and her four year old grand daughter.  They were out walking at 8:15 am, as are many other adult and child pairs walking  to the three schools that are within spitting distance of this spot.

The little girl was killed. Her grandmother is alive but damaged in body and I’m sure in soul.

An hour after this horrible incident took place, my husband and I came upon the scene on our way to the funeral of a 91 year old woman, the mother of a friend. The irony of the moment is hard to avoid.


The local news interviewed one of the familiar cashier from the supermarket who saw the tragedy unfold from her post.


It is on this corner that I slapped my daughter on the hand when she ran into  traffic when she was two. Most of the time, as a parent, you can keep your child from danger. Sometimes you are powerless.


  1. this story is back breakingly sad.
    i worry about my daughter crossing streets all the time, forbade her to wear earbuds, though i don't think she abides.
    and i hate suv's. whenever they are involved in accidents, anything smaller gets smashed. ach.


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