Crazy Salad

Is on the menu for tonight’s dinner.  Yeah, I love that the colors look like they migrated from a piece of Marimekko fabric.
Mostly though, it’s how my day has felt.

I was done with my workout just before 11:00 am when I remembered that my building turned off the water for the day at 10:00am for some sort of a maintenance task.

I now see the downside of not owning cases of seltzer. I washed up using what was left in my electric kettle. needless to say, I felt completely grody on this warm and muggy day.

I’m working away on the T-shirt quilt. I have now used up nearly all of the t-shirts. At this point it feels like a complicated word puzzle that I’m in the middle of solving. I’m not ready to show photos, but soon it will be time to join the three strips together.

As I was about to go grocery shopping because it feels like Old Mother Hubbard’s house around here, we had a giant sloppy rainfall. Instead I made a load of pita, fixed up a pickled cabbage salad from several days ago into the above crazy salad, and made a pureed vegetable soup. I guess the larder was not completely bare.
The water got turned on ahead of schedule and I will try to shower tomorrow before ten so I don’t have to spend another day grumpy and stinky. ( Yes, I am all showered and  pleasant smelling now.)
Yesterday I went on a fabric district excursion with two of my sewing buddies and ran into two Project Runway contestants in one of the fabric stores. My friends and I played it like cool New Yorkers and did not gush or scream.

So like I said, a bit of a crazy salad day around here.


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