A Mystery



Yesterday, when I came home from services this wonderful bundle of fabrics was left for me in a Trader Joe’s paper bag.  I have no idea who left it for me.


Four of the fabric are wonderful old style batiks printed on heavy cotton. These sorts of batiks were easy to find during the 1960’s and ‘70’s and are hard to find in this quality these days. They scream summer dress to me in that Harvard Square circa 1972 fashion that is so dear to my heart.  I may need to make a leather and wood ponytail holder to go with the dress and forget about shaving my armpits for a few months to get the full look.

The other two fabrics are a circa 1986 drapery print and a Brunchwig & Fils silkscreened vaguely  Chinese drapery print.


I don’t know who to thank for this treasure trove. If it was you, let me know.  Now I can dress like my older sister’s beyond cool history teacher from 11th grade. Will it be a tunic dress with bell sleeves? or a sleeveless shift? Clearly I need to wear Birkenstocks or perhaps Earth Shoes.


I really am in love with the fabrics and am itching to sew them up.


Unfortunately, the sewing will have to wait. I will be gong to Boston for the week but will be home before Shabbat.


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