Food Friday–anxiety edition

One of the nice things about living with my older son is that he thinks about food. It isn’t just that he will think about what he wants to eat for dinner ( for my youngest the answer is probably mac and cheese 90% of the time), but that he thinks about what sorts of things might be delicious to concoct.


While we were in Florida I got a call from my oldest.

“ I was thinking that it might be nice to make roasted oranges for dessert.”



He had never eaten roasted oranges but the  thought of such a dish had struck him.  We talked though how he might make such a dish, grease a sheet of parchment paper, lay out the oranges, sprinkle with sugar and roast. He didn’t end up making that dessert for the dinner he made while we were away, one of the guests brought dessert but I loved how he really thinks like a cook.


This Friday night we are invited to a friend’s house. my son’s schedule is busier than he had expected, so I made the oranges.



I sprinkled the oranges with cinnamon and with ginger liqueur and instead of sugar I dribbled some maple syrup over the oranges. it’s just before passover and I’m trying to use up the odds and ends of good stuff in the fridge rather than having to toss it all.



I love how beautiful the oranges look. I snitched two. They taste good too.



I also made some pita so my guys wouldn’t have to survive the weekend bread-free. There is a crazy amount of whole grains ground into that pita dough, kamut, hard and soft wheat and wheat bran. My youngest will eat it, he will have some healthy stuff go into his body.



The anxiety is that my mother seems to be having a small stroke. My sister is in the ER with her in Boston. Thank goodness for my mother’s friend who called my sister because she felt my mother just didn’t seem right.   I’m glad that my mother is being taken care of.


Shabbat Shalom.


  1. you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. We have just been through a few months like this with Jim's mum.

  2. Sandy,

    thanks for you good thoughts and wishes. I'm going to go to Boston Monday to help care for my moter for a few days.


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