Post Purim Wrap Up

Happy Shushan Purim!!!


This year I had no idea of what I would wear for Purim. During Shabbat morning services though, I had an inspiration. I decided to come as Elizabeth Taylor.


I had made this gold lame dress as a joke a couple of years ago. With a push up bra, the mink coat and a ring that I fashioned out of a glass door knob I was set.


Purim 2013 (7)Purim 2013 (8)


My neighbor Lorraine teased up my hair and cemented it into place.

Purim 2013 (10)


My husband is of the throw random stuff together school of Purim costumes.  I think he looks great.

Here are some close ups of my ring. The jury is out if it was the push-up bra or the ring that really made the costume.

Purim 2013 (1)

Purim 2013 (4)


  1. This is so fun! Love the poses.

  2. Haha! I vote for the doorknob ring. Elizabeth would be soooo jealous of that ring. :)

  3. Someone I knew when I was growing up commented that she didn't care about the quality of her engagement ring. She just wanted it big. Then she quipped that she would be happy with a doorknob.

    It was really heavy.I'm glad I don't really have a ring with a stone that big.


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