Post blizzard

Manhattan is probably one of the best places to be during a blizzard.  One of the great joys of living here is that I don’t have to shovel the snow..
My father had a bad back so snow shoveling was something that my sisters and I did with our mother. Once we became strong enough, it was just my sisters and I who shoveled. my last two years living at home full time were the winters of 197677 and the winter of 1977-78.  Those were the  two back to back great blizzard winters.
Now when blizzards hit I admire the snow from my 6th floor windows. When I go out, the snow has been shoveled and I am really grateful.

Sunday, afternoon we had to get snow boots for my husband and my youngest son. after getting the boots my husband and I went for a walk in central park.

For those of you who complain that you would like to see photos of me in clothes that I have made, I’m wearing one of my dresses under my down coat.
Families were sledding down the sledding hills. the baseball fields were cris- crossed with tracks made by cross country skiers.
I realized towards the end of our walk how much safer the city is than when I moved here thirty years ago.
It would have been unthinkable then to walk through the parkas evening was falling.
I also wanted to share these photos that show what most of my snow experience is really like. Most of our apartment faces an interior courtyard. I have tried several times over the years to photograph this very urban view from my windows. These are exactly not the photographs that a real estate agent would use to sell our apartment.  I have over the years developed a fondness for the shapes  in  these courtyard views. My new camera has finally allowed me to photograph what I see out most of my windows.SAM_0096SAM_0097SAM_0098


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