First real snow of the winter


We had had a pathetic storm of flying slop, a mix of rain and sleet and snow some time in the fall that was not a real snow unless you have spent your entire life in a semi tropical environment. SAM_0080


Today, we have the beginnings of what feels like a real snow. This is what it looks like from six flights above Broadway.SAM_0081SAM_0082SAM_0083SAM_0084SAM_0085SAM_0086SAM_0087SAM_0088 I’m assuming that by tomorrow morning things will be really beautiful.


We are cozy here at home and will be eating two day chicken soup, meatballs eggplant, salad and  and of course home baked challah.

It’s good to be home. If we had a fireplace, we would light a fire before Shabbat, but since we don’t we will just enjoy our over heated apartment.


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