A very traditional wedding gift

I had made this atara/tallit neckband about 15 years ago.

fredman atara 003

The grandson of the owner of this atara is now marrying my niece.  It is traditional for the bride’s family to buy the bridegroom a new tallit. My future nephew-in-law asked me to recreate this atara for him.


I was more than happy to oblige. The tallit that Eli chose is a pale blue waffle weave with darker blue and white stripes.  He’s a red head. Soft blues suit him.


My first task was creating the choshen/ the priestly breastplate.

I bought the mirror squares at my local least favorite store, Michael's. I glued the squares onto the silk which I had backed with fusible fleece.

fredman atara (5)

My plan was to sew each mirror square onto the prepared silk using a different stitch pattern.

fredman atara (6)

All in all it took about two work days  to get all of those squares done.

fredman atara (11)

Eventually, I finished.fredman atara (8)

fredman atara

Now it’s time to construct the rest of the atara.


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