Vivian treasures, Doily Edition

In my house growing up, one didn’t put object directly on wood so as not to mar the surface. Table lamps, vases all had a doily  or a felt pad to keep the underside of the lamp or vase from marring the wood. Many of the crocheted doilies we owned were made by my grandmother’s friend, Mrs. Lustig. they were all made using ivory cotton crochet thread, the kind one used to buy at Woolworth's sold by the brand  Knit-Cro-sheen.



When I was in high school my friends used to crochet  kippot for their boyfriends either using the knit-cro sheen or the finer French made DMC crochet threads.   I have seen doilies made out of both he lighter weight DMC threads and the heavier weight as well as the heavier American crochet threads.



I was blown away when I saw doilies from Vivian's stash that were made out of sewing thread. Here is one.doileys

Here is the thread made doily next to a doily made out of DMC weight threads. you can see that it is an entirely different kettle of fish.

doileys (1)This is another of the thread doilies and our DMC doily for comparison.

doileys (2)doileys (3)

Yes, I need to wash the soiled doily. That won’t be difficult.  I inherited a small stack of these thread made doilies.



When my mother would serve cookies each serving platter would be lined with paper doilies. I have taken to using the cloth doilies in my stash. I know it’s a very old fashioned way to serve cookies.But what’s the point of having these treasures if they aren’t being used?


  1. Sarah, the old doilies look to be knit, not crochet. They are absolutely beautiful! No clue about the process of "knitting in the round" like that. Another thing to research in my old magazines. sigh.


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