Facing my fears

Sometimes I will work out a plan of action with a client during our initial meeting. It all makes sense to me during the  meeting. I know exactly what I’m going to be doing.

As I think about the project in more detail, some aspects of the process seem truly terrifying.  During the couple of weeks that Rahamim’s tallit bag was in my apartment it seemed to get more papery. I was terrified that my plan of fusing the useable parts to interfacing would be a disaster. I was afraid that the useable bits of tallit bag might really be too old and shredded to use.


Today I carefully cut out the largest useable part of the tallit bag and fused it to the  tricot interfacing.  The worn spot in the middle was where Rahamim’s mother sewed on the snap.

This is what the back of the bag looked like.


I guess this photo helps you to understand my fears about working with this fabric.


I also salvaged two more bits of useable fabric from the under-flap.


Here are all of my fused bits of fabric ready to go.


And here are the fabrics I will be using for the bag.




I see in the photo that the fabric I painted looks greenish  in the photos.   Believe me, in real life the colors look wonderful together. It’s really a brown with a greenish cast, this gives you a better sense of the color.


Tomorrow I will start constructing the outside of the bag. The inside of the bag will be complicated to do as well.


I also did a fair amount of bread baking. I made two dozen bagels for a shiva house. I also made pita for my family.  I’m finally getting the hang of getting the pita to really puff up.



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