I made this challah cover a few years ago.  The text is an intentional prayer that some people recite before kiddush. I did the calligraphy on a beautiful light weight wool. The border is an upholstery fabric.



Most of the other challah covers that were made during the time period I made this challah covers have all sold. This one has languished in my completed objects suitcase. There is nothing wrong with it. It just wasn’t great.

Yesterday, I decided to revisit it.  In the heyday of Yiddish theater Shakespeare's plays  were advertised as being  farteicht und farbessered  “translated and improved’ . That expression is often used  to described the process of fiddling and improving  of anything.

So in short, I  farteicht und farbessered the challah cover.

hinini (2)

I added leaves to the  half hearted trellis-like designs on the sides of the text. I also added  scrollwork that was farbessered  with a bit of glitter in the paint/dye mixture.

hinini (4)

The first word was given extra outlining.  I also added bits of glimmer to the border. 


I covered the rayon stitched border with vintage velvet ribbon in sea foam green. I think the piece is much improved. What do you think???

hinini (5)

Despite the fact that this challah cover is made out of soft Easter-egg like colors and is pretty glittery, it isn’t flashy or tacky. 


To me this improved version of the challah cover reminds me of  a shy person who learns how to do public speaking.  The volume is now turned up enough on this piece. I hope it finds a good home.

hinini (6)


  1. " I think the piece is much improved. What do you think???"

    Yes. :)
    Looks great!

  2. Looks much better and the coloring is perfect. A question re: glitter-just finished a "fairy cape" for grandtr.made of tulle and satin with LOTS of glitter- how do youkeep it from getting all over the place especially getting out of machine-tried vacuuming etc. still see the stuff! Margie

  3. I add the glitter to the paint/dye. I have not found it to be messy. I do know that adding glitter on top of an adherent is horribly messy. the summer my oldest was doing lots of glitter and glue activities i kept finding glitter in her scalp weeks later.


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