Small Scale Sandy in my House

Last night, the phone rang at about 4:00 a.m. It was our door-man, telling me very slowly that the super was on his way to our apartment.


I greatly admire our doorman for figuring out that one speak really slowly and clearly to people when you call them at 4:00 a.m. Apparently, a pipe on the 8th floor had burst. It was raining heavily in the closet in my kids’ room.

flood (1)


Last night this closet was completely full.  My husband had the brains to empty the closet.  I did not have that level of cognition. All I wanted to do was lie down. Let that be a lesson to you, don’t ask me to do any complicated problem solving in the middle of the night


My husband completely emptied the closet as my boys slept. Today I have been doing laundry. My kids’ hamper lives in that closet. The sleeping bags live in that closet. All of our luggage and tote bags lives there too. .

flood (4)


This is the floor of my kids’ room. It looked worse earlier today.



My house reeks of soggy plaster. I hope that the fan speeds the drying time.


This is gross and overwhelming, and it’s just one closet in one room.  Things are much worse on the Rockaways, at  Coney Island and in Atlantic City.  I can manage to have a bit of perspective.


  1. Oh my. Yes, it does help to give perspective. We have been having flooding in all sorts of places all over the country this week. Britain is covered with rivers and so anyone near one seems to be in danger at present.
    Yet in the Spring, we were having hosepipe bans because it was a drought! The water tables have risen so much that it doesn't take much for flooding now.

    During the celebrations for the Queen's Jublilee in June (when it was pouring but the hosepipe bans hadn't been lifted) there was a sign in the crowd. "What drought? This reign has lasted 60 years!" I thought it was so funny.

    Okay, sorry, just something to make you smile whilst doing all the washing. :)


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