Almost anything for a joke

We are used to small Manhattan supermarkets. The massive supermarkets that most of America tends to shop in often makes my family silly.

One of our favorite things to do when we go on vacation is to go to the supermarket. This summer our youngest became obsessed with the giant jars of cheese balls. He kept lobbying for us to buy a jar.


At one point he went on a riff about how he wanted  a jar so when it was emptied he could turn it into a space helmet.


This weekend, we attended the bar- mitzvah of the son of a dear friend . Sunday morning we helped sort through the left overs from the many events. Most of a jar of cheese balls was left over. Yes, we brought it home.


My son was delighted. Last night he joked that he would love for me to make him a cheese-ball sandwich for lunch. I did.

cheeseball sandwich

It’s made out of cheese balls and melted cheddar cheese on home made challah.  When my son comes home from school I will find out of the reality matched his fantasy.


  1. okay, a bit yuck. but I hope he enjoys the joke! LOL

    Mind you, sometimes I stick crisps/chips into a less than palatable sandwich at a do with finger foods. sometimes you just need a bit of crunch instead of a mouthful of mush.
    and he HAS to make a helmet! :)

  2. My son was delighted but said that the result was a little weird..a bit like eating salty packing peanuts. I don't know if the helmet will fit over his head. But I may make it work on the jar with a hand saw and see if it's do able.


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