Working between the Holidays

Tonight, my nephew is coming for Shabbat dinner.  His mother adored my mother’s stuffed cabbage.  I decided to recreate my sister’s favorite dish. I know, I just made a batch for Rosh Ha Shanah. I finally figured out that when you core the cabbage before steaming the leaves off you need to really dig out that core.
stuffed cabbage (2)
Perhaps my life was made easier because I used a different variety of cabbage. The cabbage I had used for Rosh Ha Shanah was  round like a basketball. The cabbage I used for today’s stuffed cabbage was squat.
The pot pictured above is huge. It is a large oval. You could easily bathe a 6 month old child in this pot.  I once cooked a 30 lb turkey in this pot. The magic of photography has foreshortened the massive oval into a circle. 

I even, for the sake of this blog plated the cabbage onto a cake plate so you could admire their adorableness.
stuffed cabbage (1)
I baked challah. I will make salad later and my son made spiced roasted potatoes. I pulled a plum tart out of the freezer for dessert. I had baked it for Rosh HaShanah but our guests brought dessert.
plum tart (3)

I haven’t just been cooking.ironing

I ironed all of these table cloths along with a few dress shirts and  some table scarves.
I even got some work done on the bag for Danielle's chuppah.
danielle's chuppah (4)danielle's chuppah (8)danielle's chuppah (7)danielle's chuppah (6)
And I met with a new client last night.

Shabbat Shalom!!!


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