Zeh V’Zeh

When we were growing up, my mother often declared supper on Saturday night and Sunday to be zeh v’zeh
poppy bagels
Hebrew for this and that. Meaning that we could just go into the fridge and concoct something to eat out of what was hanging around.

Today felt like my entire day was a zeh v’zeh sort of a day. My older son and I made bagels. That is he did the first knead and I formed boiled and baked the bagels. I decided to make this batch poppy seed because my youngest loves poppy seed bagels. I picked up a small bag of poppy seeds at the spice store down the block.

The overly seeded bagels are the result of a failed experiment. I assumed that I ought to put the poppy seeds in a plate and then plop the boiled bagels into the plate to coat the bagels.  Those black bagels are a result of the poppy seed overkill. A much better method is to sprinkle  the seeds from the little bag while the bagels are still wet.

I’m also do lots of pre Yom Kippur laundry.  The following is proof that I’m a nice wife.  My late father in law took/stole/liberated several tallitot from his synagogue as it was closing.  They were all really dirty.  My husband hand washed them.  Yesterday, I ironed them.
ironed tallitot
My sister and her daughter share a birthday month. Unfortunately for them, the Jewish holidays can make it difficult to plan properly for their birthdays.

I have been seeing lots of scarves/neckpieces made out of multiple tubes of fabric on various fashion blogs.  I made two of them. Both of them love to be on the cutting edge of fashion. I didn’t designate which scarf is for my niece and which is for my sister. I wil let them fight it out.

I made the scarf/necklace out of tubes of an incredibly cool fabric that I had fallen in love with. The reverse of the fabric resembles a cotton twill. The face is  a shimmery, slightly metallic fabric with a great bouncy drape.  This fabric looks like it might be used to create electronics or in the space station. I have no idea of the fiber content.  I also love that it isn’t exactly a color.  ( I know, a weird statement from someone like me, who LOVES color.)

But here they are:
tube scarf (2)tube scarf

The neckpieces shift in color depending on the light. These are just two of the permutations of color possible from the same fabric.


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