cucumber water (1)

We spent one night of the Boston leg of our vacation at the home of my husband’s college buddy Ellen and her husband Glenn. They served us a gorgeous simple dinner of  black bean soup with an array of chopped vegetables and other goodies to add to our bowls.


The wonder of the meal was what Ellen served us to drink. The pitcher of cool water contained chunks of chopped and seeded cucumbers.


The cucumbers give the water  a sweet and earthy taste that is hugely refreshing.  Both of my boys who normally hate cucumbers loved the cucumber water.

cucumber water (3)

My local fruit market was selling teeny thin skinned cucumbers that I didn’t bother to peel. I put once cuke into the pitcher. Drinking the cucumber water makes you feel  refreshed and also virtuous and pure.


cucumber water (2)


Not bad for something so easy to make and so easy to drink!


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