A Busy Friday

The High Holiday season means that work weeks are compressed.   There is a whole lot more cooking to be done, and everything else needs to be squeezed into two fewer days.

Sometimes this makes me feel overwhelmed. Other times I get filled with energy and work really well.


My youngest wants to attend New York Comicon dressed like this character King of All Cosmos. My son is planning to make the neck tube on his own, but he asked me to make him the jacket and sash.   He goes to school just south of the garment district. we decided to meet on the corner of 39th and 8th Avenue and fabric shop.


My son hates shopping. Even choosing between two pairs of pants on line gets him quickly overwhelmed.   I got there early and realized that the whole experience would be easier if I swatched just a few fabric choices and  let my son choose. 


In the few minutes I had I quickly looked through the stock at three stores but had the time to get only two swatches. The last fabric I had found was at Kabbalah Man’s.  my son liked the swatches and was willing to go with me to Kabballah Man. I warned my son about the complete chaos in the store. he liked my choice and we also chose a fabric for the character’s sash.


I decided to make the jacket in the quickest possible way. I folded the fabric in 1/4 and then made the following cut.



If you  cut open  the center front, you end up with a simple jacket shape.

Comicon (2)Comicon (3)


I even got started on the sash.

Comicon (1)


Clearly all of this needs to be refined, but it’s a good start.


After my son left me at Kabbala Man, I fell irrationally in love with a length of mis-dyed stretch lace. the color was somewhere between brown and purple.  At $3/yard buying it was a no brainer.


I made this.

brown lace (1)brown lace (3)

The shape is pretty demure. It even has cute little set in sleeves. But given the busy pattern and the fact that it’s lace, demure seemed a wise choice.  The dress is shown, and will be worn over a black lace slip that I made a while back.


I edged the neck with a serged and turned hem. The sleeves and hem are finished with a zigzag stitch.  It could not be simpler. So for about $4.50  and 45 minutes I have a dressy dress. Not a bad investment of either time or money.

I also cooked. After lots of Rosh HaShanah meat meals I was ready for lighter fare. I made noodles out of semolina flour,noodles (2)noodles


and made Lokshen Mit Kaese, noodles with cottage cheese and egg, salt, lots of pepper , and this time some paprika.


I also baked challah.challah

There are two regular braided challot and I made three round holiday ones. one is for the meal before Yom Kippur. the other two I will bring to Neila, the last service on Yom Kippur. We will share the challah right after the final shofar blast.


I’m also making marinated carrots, eggplant and a green salad. I’m in need of vegetables.


  1. This is very lovely lace dress!!!!You also do great with this shirt. Very lovely work in your blog.

  2. Thanks!! The jacket for my son is now complete..i need to post pictures soon.


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