Baby Season

Our friends Ira and Ruth just told us that they have a new grand son. My cousin in Israel and his wife just had a baby.  It’s time to make baby gifts.


I had thought that  a dolman sleeved baby jacket like this one, Francis Blondin baby jacket, would be just the ticket.  They are easy to make and work well for babies and are easy to put on and take off. I looked through my stash and found a length of baby blue fine whale corduroy that I had gotten in a Fabric Mart mystery bundle a few years back.


I thought that the fabric would feel nice but looked a bit dull. I decided that a stencil  would jazz up the fabric. I drew a small collection of stars on a small piece of cardstock. I then cut the stars out with  an X-Acto knife.


stencils (1)

I used a blue oil paint stick and a stuff brush with the stencil. This is the result.

stencils (4)

I will be able to cut two jackets out of the yardage.  I still have to heat set the color and decide on the lining and the closures.


My son has a soft spot for my cousin’s older daughter who is about four.  He asked that I make a dress for her. She has curly dark hair and pale skin.


Creating the fabric for her dress  took a few more steps.

stencils (2)

This was stage one. I used the same stencil for both the red and the yellow/orange petals. It’s a start but looks a little bleak.


I added a star like stencil in blue to be the flower centers and then added yet a third layer in yellow using the hole cut by a hole puncher as the stencil.  I will use a pattern from one of my Japanese sewing magazines for the dress pattern.


  1. These are great! Love the star centres of the flowers.


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