A Worthwhile book




This book just arrived at my house yesterday. It’s from 1987 and the clothing has the look of the mid 1980’s. Actually, this isn’t the neon leggings and splatter print sweatshirts that teens may have worn but the sort of easy classics that  a grown up woman would wear. much of that look can still be worn today.

Clearly we tend to like a more fitted look in 2011. But it’s easy enough to take in the side seams a bit or to add a couple of darts to a garment.


The patterns are well drafted and the directions look  pretty good. I love her directions for a swing back coat. I may end up making one  this winter. I saw one sweeping down Broadway on a blustery day last winter and I got a serious case of coat-lust. The question of if I actually need another winter coat is not on the table. I don’t. For some reason, wonderful winter coats keep appearing at my house.  I guess I’m just willing to wear folk’s dead relatives coats.  I may have to make a swing back coat for someone else.


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