A completely excellent gift

One of the truly excellent things about the internet is the way one can become friends with someone from far away.


I had met Sandy several years ago on the Creative Machine sewing discussion group. She lives in England and we collaborated on at least one project and more than that have pushed one another to solve fiber related problems in good ways.


A while back Sandy told me to expect something in the mail.

Sandy's bag (3)


This is what arrived. A fabric grocery bag that is essentially based on your basic plastic grocery sack. It’s a deceptively simple object, yet it is quite brilliant. This bag weighs nothing and folds  easily into my backpack.

This bag also has nifty interior pocketsSandy's bag (2)Sandy's bag (1)

so you can tuck your transit card away as you board the bus.  You can see the simply serged edges.


This bag is as brilliant as a paperclip. I also adore the goofy farm print. sandy worried that I might be offended by the piggies. I assured Sandy that my family is seriously into piggy fabric.  A few years ago one of my husband’s clients was a big pig product producer.  for a few years all the guys in my family wore lots of pig themed boxers.


You can see more of Sandy’s excellent work  on her blog. This week  the bag carried a tarp and umbrellas for a Roaches concert in Madison Square park.


I also picked up my new glasses today.new glasses


For the past couple of times I have had to choose new frames, I just let the glasses technician choose the frame. The watch people selecting frames 8 hours a day. I figure they can figure out pretty quickly what works on a face. I told the technician that I was an artist but didn’t want to look like I lived in Williamsburg. He chose this pair and we were done.  I did try on a couple of others to make him happy, but I think he did OK. Opinions???


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Just back from holiday. It was our 25th wedding anniversary last week. Good to know the bag is getting good use.
    Now to catch up my blog since you are sending people there!
    Take care,
    PS love the new blog look! loads very quick.

  2. I like those glasses on you. I've used the same method the last couple of times and it's saved me a lot of angst!


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