Food Friday–Good-bye Edition

My youngest leaves for camp this week. He didn’t want any company, but he was delighted at my suggestion of beef ribs.


So it is a “ Caveman Shabbat’ around here.

caveman shabbat


But one can’t live on bones alone…

smoked paprika chicken


So I roasted a chicken. I put a quartered onion t=inside the chicken cavity and rubbed the chicken well with lots of smoked paprika and black pepper. I sliced up most of a head of celery and added it to the pan.  Most of the way though the cooking, I poured some lemon juice over the chicken. I plan to carve the chicken at the table.

I’m serving a green salad and my usual eggplant stewed with tomato paste and hot peppers.

And here is an action shot of this weeks' challah.

risen challah


The action you ask???  The challah is rising.  The teeny challah is for my friend  who is ill. After it is baked I will bring it to her apartment.


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