It’s really me

A few weeks ago I went into Metro Textiles.  Kashi greeted with his usual, “Why don’t you come in more often?" “. As I looked around, I really had no plans to buy, I really just wanted to go in to see.  Kashi pointed out a fabric to me, he said,  “I think this is really you.”


Usually that is a sign for me to run for the hills. I can’t tell you how often someone will point out something to me that they insist is so me , and it feels a little like when someone introduces you to a really weird human being on a blind date.  I wonder if that garish monstrosity is really what they think of me.  So I was skeptical. But Kashi was right. this mix of graphic black and white with  the skinny strips of color is in fact really me. I bought the fabric and sewed it up as soon as I got home. I had seen a dress in a Burda magazine with a  surplice front panel. The dress came together quickly.  I love that the print makes it look more complicated than it really is. It makes me happy each time I wear it.


If there are requests , I can make a diagram of how I drafted the dress.



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