The Great Passover Switch- Done!!!

My parents’ meat Passover dishes are all in their place in the scrubbed cupboards. Working with my husband, and the two kids currently living in New York we are done with stage one of Passover prep. ( Cleaning and switching over the kitchen )

Pesach dishes

For many years, before I began hosting Seder, and before we had kids, I loved how spare our Passover supplies were. We owned four plates, four mugs, two bowls silverware and two pots.  everything for Passover lived neatly on a section of a shelf in the kitchen


The addition of kids, and the inheritance of the Passover dishes and pots and silverware means that we now have lots of stuff. It’s a bigger job to get it all unpacked. Some of our Passover stuff is much older than I am. My parents’ dishes were old and discontinued stock when they bought them in 1954. The big ladles and potato mashers all date from the same time period. We had seen similar ones at the Pier Antique  show a few weekends ago. we also have some green Fire King dishes from my husband’s childhood.

Today I got more food and started to cook. The chickens are roasting in their m pesto of walnuts, parsley and lemon and black pepper. The mixture tastes like spring.


The raisins are soaking in sweet wine overnight . They will be added to the charoset at some point this week.


I cut the top off of the horseradish root and am soaking it in a bowl of water. it ought to have sprouted lots of shoots by Seder. the root top will be on the Seder plate. The rest of the root will be sliced and ground up for us to eat at Seder.  my mother always liked roots that were particularly grotesque looking. I think this one will fit the bill.


Tomorrow I cook the beef. cakes will need to be bakes, but I need to rustle up some bittersweet chocolate first.


  1. I have never put my horseradish top in water before the seder, only after for planting. But you inspired me. It's looking pretty, green and perky. There are now an amazing number of gluten free products for Passover, including gf matzoh cake meal, so for the first time since my dh and son were diagnosed with celiac disease I made my favorite sponge cake. Hopefully it tastes as good as the batter did. Have a wonderful Passover.

  2. So Nancy,

    Do you grow your own horseradish???


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