Ta Da!!!!



Maya’s tallit is now turned right side out. I had purchase the blue satin ribbon thinking I would use it in a previous tallit.  I love the gold diamonds  embroidered on the ribbon. They do double duty, they are both decorative and also attach the ribbon to the tallit. I keep thinking about what Maya would like best. If I were making this tallit for me might have chosen a more complicated look. But Maya likes a cleaner more simple look. She goes to an Orthodox school and goes to a Conservative synagogue. Most of Maya's classmates are not used to the idea of a woman in a tallit. Maya wants it to read as a tallit with nothing too wild  going on. I totally get where she is coming from. I wore a tallit at my Orthodox day school back in the 1970’s.  It will be enough for Maya's classmates to wrap their heads around the fact that she is wearing a tallit and reading Torah.  Asking them to take in something too visually alien as a tallit will make it harder for them to take Maya and what she is doing seriously.


I also made these two mezuzot as bar- mitzvah gifts. My son thought they had a Steam –punk aesthetic. I’m not sure, but I love playing with wire.

mezuzot (1)


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